The STAND team and what we stand for.

Our Story

We started out wanting to dress people virtually:

Then we realised our energy was best spent in providing personal-trainer like feedback to people who want and need to be healthier. More specifically, people who want to improve their posture.

The vision is powered by motion capture and body pose estimation, which is not easy to achieve, specially on a phone. But we've done it, and now we want to see how we can add value to people's lives.

Our Team

The team behind STAND is diverse and driven by a desire to have technology make us healthier and happier.
STAND is a product of a number of years of development.
Founded by Kwame Ferreira, Robert Bragg and Chris Lord.

Our Code

If you are a coder you can look under our hood and hopefully contribute. Yay!

Checkout our Github

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